Shabby Chic Living Room

For everyone who is in love with vintage theme decoration, a name of shabby chic living room is not more surprising. Shabby chic belongs to a theme which was so familiar at early 90s time. Somehow, we can bring it back as a home decoration. Whether maintain its oldies-character or remodel it with some touch, the living room will be looked so beautiful with the used of this theme. So, this today’s post will inspire you with various designs of shabby chic living room. Check it out and be ready to have a living room with this theme.

Shabby Chic Living Room Design

For this review post, we are going to give you three distinctive designs of shabby chic living room, namely so white shabby chic, colorful shabby chic, and floral shabby chic. Each of the themes will be completed with different furniture or wall paintings to make it more stunning. However, no matter which theme will you choose, make sure that it is suitable with your style.

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The design of so white shabby chic living room uses white color as the main color in the living room. For the furniture, place a big sofa in white colors with fluffy pillows on it. It is ok to see all white color inside your shabby chic living room as this pure color give a clean sight toward the living room space. Do the window treatment with the white laced valances is the next things that you should do. White laced valance will be so matched with the white painted wall. This shabby chic living room design might be a nice option to have the oldies time into the room.

The second idea to make a shabby chic living room is colorful shabby chic. Instead of using the only white in every side of living room, be more creative with the touch of colorful accessories to make a harmonic contrast. This theme actually belongs to modern shabby chic living room design, which has more variations in the details. We can add colorful pillow for the white sofa is an example of making modern shabby chic concept. If your living room has a brick fireplace, add colorful bricks over the fire place. Playing the color but still faith to white is the key for this design.

The last shabby chic living room design to go is floral shabby chic. Floral is often assumed as oldies thing but so worth to make beautiful decorations. To make this real, you can choose a floral upholstery sofa with white table at the centre. Isn’t it cute? You also can decorate the wall by either applying floral accent wall decorations or hanging flowers drawing with cute frames on the wall. By applying this, your shabby chic living room will be hard to be forgotten.

So, make shabby chic living room is not a difficult thing to do. But, one thing that should be remembered is always use white as the main color. No matter how many accessories you will apply, shabby chic will always be the most stunning with the power of white.

Shabby Chic Living Room Inspiration

shabby chic living room - Shabby Chic Living Room

shabby chic living room  2 - Shabby Chic Living Room

shabby chic living room  3 - Shabby Chic Living Room

shabby chic living room  4 - Shabby Chic Living Room

shabby chic living room  5 - Shabby Chic Living Room

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