Delicate Home Appliances Made Of Cork

The materials of home appliances can be in a very innovative one. This material is not only innovative, but it is also eco-friendly. It is cork the materials we are talking about. This material has the lesser environment impact. The furniture designers now consider the usage of these cork materials in producing appliances and households. Tiago Cartageno suggests the households and appliances made of cork materials to be used in a home design. It is for giving the appliances and households that is good for the environment.

Home Appliances Materials

Home appliances materials can be in various materials, starts from wood until plastic or acrylic. However, this cork is a fine material that can be used in various appliances. This bowl from cork is one of the examples. You can use this bowl to put the sugar box. This can be designed in the lifted form. It will look great in your modern kitchen.

One of the most successful online shops selling this cork material is the CorkWay Store. You can get various kinds of the appliances made of corks here. They are available in various brands and collections. Most of the cork appliances are made in Portugal. It is because Portugal is country located in Mediterranean that is rich in biodiversity. It is designed in the contemporary style and it is great for the modern home. This material is eco-friendly and looks great to be combined with the other materials such as glass.

The appliances made from cork are the bathroom basin, the stool, and a set of the teapot. The lamp shade also looks great in these cork materials. The other decorative items such as these cork animal ornaments can also be designed from this material. Eco-friendly home appliances look great for the contemporary interior and appliances besides of giving the less impact to the environment.

12 Eco-friendly Home Appliances Inspiration

home appliances - Delicate Home Appliances Made Of Cork

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home appliances  2 - Delicate Home Appliances Made Of Cork

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home appliances  3 - Delicate Home Appliances Made Of Cork

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home appliances  4 - Delicate Home Appliances Made Of Cork

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home appliances  5 - Delicate Home Appliances Made Of Cork

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home appliances  6 - Delicate Home Appliances Made Of Cork

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home appliances  9 - Delicate Home Appliances Made Of Cork

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home appliances  10 - Delicate Home Appliances Made Of Cork

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home appliances  11 - Delicate Home Appliances Made Of Cork

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home appliances  12 - Delicate Home Appliances Made Of Cork

Woonderful Corkway senta cork stool with Brown and Orange Color with Modern and Unique Shaped for Home Inspiration Style

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